The N Word

The Washington Post Joins The Case of The N-Word

In November 2014, The Washington Post, one of the nation’s most respected daily newspapers, printed a front page article entitled, The N Word, in which reporters Krissah Thompson and Dave Sheinin employed probing analysis to crack the code on one the nation’s most controversial words.  The article tackled the subject by compiling the opinions and testimony of multiple respondents, representing a cross-section of demographics and perspectives.  The print article was augmented by a rich-media website, also dedicated to uncovering the general regard for a word that spans the sensibilities of those who see it as a racial epithet, to those who interpret it as a term of endearment (

The common ground shared between The Washington Post article and the premise of an upcoming production from Res Ipsa Media, inspired the esteemed news service to contribute some of its journalistic assets to the live presentation of Trial By Jury: The Case of The N-Word.  While the Washington post does not explicitly endorse the program, it found synergies between the efforts of the two media companies to uncover the truth to be compelling and worthy of support.

Trial By Jury: The Case of The N-Word literally puts the word on trial, with testimony provided by plaintiff and defendant litigants and their respective witnesses.  A spirited jury deliberation reveals both the politically correct and often covert sentiments about the word and its use in social discourse.  Before the jury proclaims its verdict, an open forum allows the audience to participate in an interactive exchange.  The first exhibition of Trial By Jury: The Case of The –N Word will be held on Friday, February 20, 2015, at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center (4718 Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016).  The program begins at 8:00pm with a reception to follow.